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Našice High School is the holder of a European project for the first time

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The European project Sound (STEM) All Around! Is being implemented at the Isidora Kršnjavi High School, the first project coordinated by the teachers of this school. The aim of the project is to motivate students to learn subjects from the STEM field, ie science, technology, engineering and mathematics through music and synergy with other subjects.

Promotion of STEM areas through music

As part of the project, 12 professors from Motril (Spain), Komotini (Greece), Etimesgut (Turkey) and Denizli (Turkey) will visit the school and town of Našice from August 30 to September 1. Goran Hajnal, professor-mentor of physics and polytechnics, also project manager. During the next three days, some teachers will be physically active through lectures, workshops and cultural and social events, as well as getting to know the local community and culture. students often think this is a very difficult area. The project lasts two years and will be enriched with many workshops, experiments and research in various subjects, not only physics, mathematics or computer science but also interdisciplinary learning with geography, history, religion and the like. The project includes 13 teachers and 12 subjects, and will include a large number of students in the 1st and 2nd grade of high school, because the purpose of the project is to include it in the curriculum. " - said one of the project leaders, Professor Nikolina Pavlović. Project activities will be carried out in schools in the form of workshops, research projects within the school, but also the local community in synergy with associations and organizations.
The guests were welcomed at the introductory lecture by Mayor Krešimir Kašuba, who welcomed them.

"Such projects are extremely important for our city, which has a great history and it is, at the same time, a city of associations and craftsmen, but also a city of institutions. Našice has four primary schools, three general and one music school and one of the largest secondary schools in the Republic of Croatia. Given this, this project certainly contributes to the promotion of our city both within the borders of the Republic of Croatia and abroad. Also, the City of Našice follows the tourist trend that has been popular for some time in the continental part of Western Europe, and it includes the educational segment. " - said the Mayor of the City of Našice Krešimir Kašuba.

The importance of the project was emphasized by the director of the Isidora Kršnjavi High School, Željko Filjak, emphasizing that this project is an investment in the teaching staff, but also in the students of the entire school.

"The logical continuation of previous projects was to invest in the competencies of teaching staff, enriching the school curriculum with such projects of good practice with partner schools that bring their cultural and experiential values ​​that they have reached in the STEM area. In this way, we strengthen the competitiveness of the school, expand our horizons and put the technology that is available to us in the best possible way. The project also connects local self-government, as well as parents and students who will promote the city, at the local and international level, as well as that part of the cultural heritage that Našice has. ” - said the school principal Željko Filjak.


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