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"Korbačiki" is a synonym for Slovak culture

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Dani Slovaka – Večer Korbačika, organized by Matica slovačka Jelisavac, brings together Slovak, Croatian and other cultural and artistic societies every year to present cultures in community. The cultural program was completed by members of MKD "Braća Miladinovici" Osijek, HKD Lisinski Našice, KUD "Jasen" Šaptinovci, SKUU "Franjo Strapač" Markovac Našički and the hosts - SKUD Ivan Brnjik Slovak from Jelisavac.

An important traditional event

The event was held again this year under the auspices of the Council for National Minorities of the Republic of Croatia, the Council of the Jelisavac Local Committee and the City of Našice. Mayor Krešimir Kašuba opened the event and pointed out “This is one of the very important, valuable and traditional events. I am sure that all the inhabitants of Našice know what "Korbačiki" means, that is the Slovak culture, which promotes our city both in the community and outside the borders of the Republic of Croatia. I also emphasize that we are the center of Slovaks in the Republic of Croatia. 2,000 Slovaks gravitate to our city and that is our wealth that we nurture, as well as good relations, on the cultural, sports and all other levels. ”
On behalf of the hosts, the president of Matica slovačka Jelisavac, Vlado Hulak, greeted all those present, emphasizing his satisfaction that after last year's virtual event, this year's event is being held in front of a large audience.

Along with the cultural program, a Slovak gastronomic specialty "korbačik" was offered. Traditional Slovak cheese "korbačik" is the pride of Slovaks and Jelisavac settlements where it is prepared the way it has always been done. In accordance with the traditional recipe, this year it was prepared by Marija Kraljik and Slađana Kuric.


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