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The winner of the first Backyard ultra race is Adrijana Šimić

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Adrijana Šimić, a 53-year-old from Zagreb, a member of AK Sljeme, is the winner of the first Backyard ultra race in Našice. This long-time runner, the former national champion of Croatia in the 100-kilometer run, covered approximately 170 kilometers around Lapovac in just under 25 hours. In the elimination race she was better than 55 other runners from almost all over Croatia.

Her goal was to run 24 laps
"I can proudly say that my team helped me a lot, especially in these last rounds when they gave me the most support. This is a totally unexpected outcome of the race, and the overall impressions are great. I also enjoyed this lake. I also used the opportunity between laps, so I managed to freshen up and take a bath, and along the way I ate wild blackberries, really beautiful. ” - the winner told us, adding that after this she would endure another race, still at a slower pace.

She arrived at the race with a clear goal, to run 24 laps, but the euphoria pulled her still. She also thanked all the volunteers who helped them, especially at night. "Our city with a heart - thank you and see you again." - said the winner.

This race to the podium
The importance of the race is also evidenced by the presence of Dragan Janković, the selector of various Croatian ultra teams, but also the president and coach of the Athletic Club Sljeme, from which she is the winner.

"This race was held in Našice, due to a combination of various circumstances. First of all, Našice gave birth to good ultras, the married couple Mesec, but they also have a track that corresponds to the dimensions of the race. ” - said the coach, adding that she will give birth to new Croatian representatives at European and world championships, where Croatia is already at the very top.

"This race was especially interesting to me, because it is a new discipline that is becoming more and more popular in the world, and it is the closest to the discipline that interests us the most, and that is running for 24 hours." - he adds and points out that every winner of such a race with the fastest time and the most kilometers, apart from the winner, will also take the title of national record, because this is the only race in Croatia. The proposal for next year is to hold the Backyard ultra race two months before the world championship in order for the winners to become potential Croatian representatives, as well as to provide the runners with a rest.

Lapovac has great potential
"I am extremely satisfied with the realization of the race, and the title of winner is more than deserved. Although the conditions were extreme with high temperatures everyone gave their best. What makes me even happier are the recreational competitors who confirm that this is also a race for them, for socializing and learning about their own possibilities. Our first race of this type is now registered in the register of 177 world races - which proves that anything is possible. " - said the president of the Nexe Team Recreational Running Association, the organizer, Tomislav Gall, adding that the shore of Lake Lapovac was created for many activities that are yet to be realized.

The organizer, URT Nexe, thanked the president of the City Society of the Red Cross of Našice and the nice young team that took care of the competitors.


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