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All comments or ratings posted on are the views of their respective authors, and the owner or the administrator of the web site does not in any way be held responsible for those same comments or ratings. The site owner is neither responsible nor liable in any way for the content of comments posted by users of



  1. It is forbidden in any form to violate the law!
  2. It is forbidden to invoke discrimination, hatred, pedophilia, crime, torture of animals, glorify wrongdoing or any form of crime, copyright infringement!
  3. It is forbidden to interfere with the administrator's work, and by this we mean impersonation on behalf of the administrator or any other form of obstruction of the administrator (ignoring)!
  4. It is forbidden to use multiple accounts to avoid fines imposed by the administrator or to confuse other members!
  5. You may not display private messages!
  6. It is forbidden to send other people's photos without the author's permission.
  7. It is forbidden to insult, provoke on any grounds (religious, national, etc.)!
  8. It is forbidden to publish unwanted information or information that is unnecessary and does not contribute to the website or its members!
  9. It is forbidden to post or use other people's texts or images without using the author's permission.
  10.  As soon as the copyright infringement has been identified, the administrator will remove the disputed texts or photos and, if necessary, the disputed materials will be forwarded to the competent institutions.
  11. Any acts of bullying, threats, members, administrators, text editors, or calls to criminal activity are prohibited.


Thank you for your attention and wish you a pleasant stay at

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