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ROB WAUGH: The Deliciously Retro Three II Speaker
ROB WAUGH: The Deliciously Retro Three II Speaker
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The think tank is hoping the video, which uses the biometric data of the two candidates, will encourage all political parties to work together in tackling the threats posed by deepfakes and other online disinformation tactics. 







There are two broad categories for translation and localization: namely, premium studio services, and rapid or automated services. At the same time, the two overarching concerns that affect every project, whether simple or complex, are cost and speed of turna





Hence gizmos such as Klipsch's bafflingly titled The Three II speaker, which has a phono pre-amp built in (so you can plug in a turntable directly, without having to slog back to the hi-fi shop to buy an extra piece of kit). 





Two eerily realistic videos featuring Boris Johnson  (right) and rival Jeremy Corbyn (left) endorsing each other for the role of prime minister have been released by a thinktank to highlight the spread of deep-fake technology





Two eerily realistic videos featuring Boris Johnson and rival Jeremy Corbyn endorsing each other for the role of prime minister have been released by a thinktank to highlight the spread of deepfake technology.





July 6 (Reuters) - Sonos Inc, a maker of hi-tech wireless speakers, filed for an initial public offering on Friday, riding on the back of increasing popularity of streaming music through smartphone apps on connected audio systems.







If it is important to have options for voice talent, directors and post-production services, linguistic QA, or other quality control steps, then the skill set and customer service attention offered with premium studio work is mand





What devices are compatible with iOS 14.6? iOS 14.6 will be compatible with all the same devices as iOS 14. Generally, these include the iPhone 6S (iPhone SE ($160 at eBay) and the seventh-gen iPod Touch ($150 at Amazon). For the full list of devices compatible with iOS 14, click here. 





iOS 14.5: How to use the most useful features



iOS 14.5 is here: How to download



Your iPhone apps are tracking you. iOS 14.5 lets you turn that off



iOS 14.5: New Siri voices



iOS 14.5: Face ID with a face mask





s If all your task needs start with the word "rapid," it is worth considering an automated rapid audio or video translation and localization option. Automated or TTS (text to speech) translation stresses rapid turnaround, and relies mostly on sophisticated software programs, with capacity for around 20 lang





That last part about bringing customers into the fold is an interesting aspect of the branded vivaldi audio trend, too. Getting someone who might not have previously been into home audio into a dealer to sit and listen to systems and spend all kinds of money is, understandably, a big lift. But getting someone interested in your brand's home audio offerings if they've already experienced it in their cars makes more sense. It's a conversion rate the companies can't really quantify, but they all seem to think it's a real thing. 
















When is the iOS 14.6 release date? iOS 14 was first launched in September, ahead of the release of the iPhone 12. New versions of Apple's mobile operating system typically arrive once a month with new features and bug fixes. However, iOS 14.5 was a larger update than usual, and took about three months to arrive. 





One of the first questions that pops into your head after you unbox a record deck and some alarmingly expensive records that you previously bought for about £2 in the Eighties is: ‘What do I plug this into again?'





Some people will likely get into the new Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit, fire up the McIntosh MX950 and never really think about it as anything more than a means to listen to the radio. Others will find excuses to go on long drives to nowhere and crank up their favorite music to ear-bleeding levels, simply to revel in the richness. Which are you?





It sounds splendid, of course, and it helps to soothe the techno discomfort of adapting to vinyl, although you'll still face the shock of having to walk across the room to flip a disc from side A to side B again.





The system in the Jeep Grand Cherokee is called the MX950, owing to its 950 watts of output from 17 channels. It uses 19 McIntosh-designed speakers in 12 locations throughout in the cabin. Considering McIntosh amps powered Woodstock and the Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound, the company definitely knows how to provide an immersive experience.





Backed by KKR Stream Holdings LLC, Sonos has grown to become a big player in the competitive home audio market, battling established players such as Bang & Olufsen, Bose and Sony as well as iPhone maker Apple.





Unlike the average one-lump speaker, it's actually a proper stereo, housing two full-range drivers plus a long-throw woofer. But it's equipped for our wireless age with a Bluetooth connection (for pairing with smartphones), although it's lacking the fancy stuff like Spotify Connect. There are ports for a 3.5mm connector and USB audio, so you can also plug in a CD player or even computer.



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