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Taekwondo club is expanding its staff

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By returning to school halls and returning to training, the Croatian Taekwondo Association, in cooperation with the Sports School in Zagreb, organized the implementation of the Training Program for Taekwondo Coaches.

The dynamics of the realization of the program is planned for a year or 308 hours of regular classes. Education consists of three parts - General program basics, specialty and practical classes. The training is held under the expert guidance of Anđelko Vučenik, who is the head coach of the Taekwondo Club Susedgrad Sokol and the secretary of the Zagreb Taekwondo Association, who is also the coordinator of this program.

Maja Hodanovac new coach of Taekwondo Club "Našice"

Due to the needs of the club, at one of the previous sessions of the Executive Board, it was decided that the club will take care of expanding the professional staff and educating the same. Thus, this year, the Taekwondo Club of Našice sent an application in September for the needs of training staff to perform the duties of a taekwondo coach. The club decided to send Maja Hodanovac, the holder of the 1st DAN black belt, to school, who has been a member of the club since October 28, 2008.

Apart from being the holder of the black belt, DAY 1 Maja graduated from the medical high school in Pakrac with excellent results. In her sports career, she participated in wrestling competitions, various seminars, participated in the preparation of competitors for competitions, also participated in the organization of the Championships of Slavonia and Baranja in 2017, and the 1st Našice Open in 2019.

Maja has always been diligent and self-sacrificing and regular in training, which only confirms the club's opinion that she will perform the job of a coach very responsibly and conscientiously. In her new position, Maja will work on educating young staff and will participate in the preparation of members for competitions and exams for lower belts.

We wish Maja a lot of success and a pleasant atmosphere at the lectures. All others who want to become part of this team, join them on Mondays and Thursdays in the hall of the Dora Pejačević Elementary School in Našice from 7 to 8 p.m.




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