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Old Sports Olympics

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The Olympics of old sports were held in Našice Park on the occasion of the European Sports Week. Two teams, Ivanovac and the hosts Našičani, competed in four disciplines.

The winners go to the finals in Zagreb

The organizer of this competition at the level of the whole of Croatia is the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and the grand final will be held on September 26 in Zagreb. The competition in Našice was led by Željko Vidaković, president of the competition-judging committee of the Brođanci Old Sports Olympics. Representatives of the old sports competed in four disciplines, bag jumping, tug of war, stone throwing and relay.

"The competition is held on the occasion of marking the European Sports Week at the level of the entire Osijek-Baranja County. These games are specific because only 10 people participate in them, who have to play everything. It is therefore difficult to find competitors, because for example sack races and tug of war do not go together. When pulling the ropes, heavyweights are needed, and when racing, the young will surely be faster. ” - said Vidaković.

Dubravko Ižaković - Secretary General of the Osijek-Baranja County Sports Association also greeted those gathered, conveying greetings on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, Osijek-Baranja County and County Prefect Ivan Anušić.

"I thank everyone for the response, and the host, the Association of Old Sports" Slavonac "Našice, who prepared the field. What is important to emphasize is your dedication and work in nurturing old sports and loving the same. I am glad to see you a little older, but also this young force that will pass on the tradition. ” - said Izaković.

The city of Našice will continue to support the presentation of old sports

The Olympics of Old Sports was opened by Mayor Krešimir Kašuba, emphasizing the importance of the Association of Old Sports "Slavonac" in Našice.

"Association of old sports" Slavonac "in Našice has a long tradition of activity. They are recognizable symbols of our city that promote Našice throughout Croatia by participating in numerous competitions. This time I thank President Mr. Konjetić for all the activities and gathering of a large number of members. Events like this, as well as the presentation of old sports, are very important to us and will always have our support. Therefore, I thank you all for coming, and I say to those who win, but I also believe that they will present Slavonia in Zagreb in the best way possible. ”- said Mayor Krešimir Kašuba.

Nikola Antolović, President of the Sports Association of the City of Našice, also wished good luck in the competition, emphasizing that the Našice Association "Slavonac" is active not only in the area of ​​Našice, the County but also beyond. She has been awarded many medals, and includes a large number of young people in her activities, which is why they have the support of the city of Našice, just as it has been so far. Before the very beginning of the competition, the president of the Association of Old Sports "Slavonac" Stjepan Konjetić addressed the audience with the words "Who is better".

The Ivanovac team, reinforced with three members of the Našice team, is going to the final competition, as a representative of Osijek-Baranja County. Unfortunately, the people of Našice did not secure the passage because they did not compete in one discipline, but they still go to Zagreb as additional support, to a very young but strong team from Ivanovac.


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