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Equestrian club NEXE, in cooperation with the Croatian Equestrian Federation, hosted the finals of the CROATIA CUP in team driving and the Croatian Junior Championship. The competition was held in Feričanci at the hippodrome, and the sponsors were NEXE Grupa d.d., Osatina d.o.o. and Enosophia winery.

Equestrian club NEXE performed with two representatives

The hosts, Equestrian Club NEXE, were introduced by the president of the club Stjepan Ergović, who competed in the senior category of single-carriage, and the vice-president of the club Dario Dorušak, also in the senior category, riding two-carriage. They measured their strength and skill with a dozen other competitors from the Osijek-Baranja and Požega-Slavonia counties. This competition is one of the five rounds of the Croatia Cup, so the winner, with the most points in all five rounds, will be known later. Thus, after the competitions held in Vinkovci, Ruščica, Nova Gradiška, Đakovo and Feričanci, we will have the Croatian champion in team driving.

The goal of the club and stud farm is to promote equestrian sports

Stjepan Ergović, president of the NEXE equestrian club, competed in this sport for the first time, emphasizing that this is an important event for the promotion of the stud farm and the Feričans.

"We decided to organize this competition because we want to popularize Feričanci, but also this type of sport. Our goal in the club is to put together a good team that will deal with competitions and, as I already mentioned, work on the popularization of equestrian sports in general. We started the stable in November last year, out of love for these noble animals. The future of the stud farm is in the reproductive part, ie we will dedicate ourselves to breeding purebred breeds and bring them back to this area - fifty years ago there were about 250,000 horses in Croatia, while today that number is around thirty thousand and we hope to contribute to that number. " - said Stjepan Ergović.

Horses imported from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are bred at the Feričanac stud farm. The owner's goal was to find and introduce the highest quality genetic material that will be one of the carriers of KWPN (Dutch Royal Horse) breeding today, tomorrow.

Dario Dorušak, vice-president of the Nexe Našice Equestrian Club and one of the competitors, said more about the club. "The NEXE Equestrian Club has officially existed since March this year and is engaged in harness sports, dressage sports and hurdles. Our goal and desire is to put all the most common equestrian disciplines in Croatia under one roof and thus continue to develop this sport. " - said Dorušak.

Promotion of a new tourist destination

Judge Ivica Mandić pointed out this event as a significant step forward in the promotion of team sports in Slavonia, although it has good roots in Slavonia and Baranja. Nevertheless, this event is the basis for the continuation of work and activities in the area of ​​Feričani, as a new excellent destination for team sports. Feričanci has been developing as a new tourist destination for years, and the first step in that was made by the winery, which today is called Enosophia.

"We have been working together for a long time to position Fericans as a desirable tourist destination, and this event is another thing that will further contribute to that. We are proud that in such a short period of time we managed to form a serious equestrian club and host this with a state-level competition. The Feričanac winery is the initiator of the development of this place, especially the development of tourism, and we will continue to do so, with such and similar additional facilities. " - said Ivan Maričić, director of the company Osilovac.


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