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14 big medals for KBK “Impact”

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Date 30.10.2021. KBK "Impact" performed at the international kickboxing tournament Kutina open. You competed in two disciplines - light contact and kick light with a total of 13 competitors and won 14 medals.

Slightly less than 300 competitors took part in the tournament and the Impact team achieved the following results: in light contact - Neva Žaček silver, Josip Kramarić bronze and Leonardo Paska bronze. In the kick light discipline - Dorija Žaček silver, Ester Baričević bronze, Anđela Pratljačić bronze, Emili Baričević silver, Noa Plemeniti silver, Jakov Palijan silver, Borna Pepić silver, Petar Vanek silver, Leonardo Paska bronze, Filip Čićek gold and Josip Žagar gold. They won a total of 2 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze medals. In the overall ranking of clubs in the kick light of 21 clubs KBK "Impact" took a high 3rd place.


KBK "Impact" is very pleased with the youngest competitors
At the big international tournament, the club returns with a bunch of medals and they must mention that they are very pleased with the youngest competitors - Neva, Dorija and Anđela who are the pride of the youth of Našice and Josip K., Noa and Jakov for whom these were the first matches and have already proved themselves. . While the standard team Ester, Emily, Petar, Borna and Leonardo still showed top form, and they will be, as they say from the club, even better. Also, big congratulations to Filip Čiček and Josip Žagar who were decorated with gold and showed how they bleed for the club. It can be seen that KBK "Impact" has an excellent team from cadets to seniors and they are the most competitive in tournaments of all clubs from eastern Croatia, and the medals speak for themselves.


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