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Older people consume more alcohol

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Although young people are known as the ones who drink the most, European Union research does not confirm this.

Only 1% of young people

New Eurostat data show that on a daily basis, most alcohol is still consumed by senior citizens. Thus, alcohol is consumed daily by about 16% over the age of 75, while this percentage among young people, between 15 and 24, is only 1%. Three years ago, 26.2% had not consumed alcohol in the past 12 months since the survey, while 8.4% of EU residents drank every day.

Croats below the European average

Alcohol drinking habits vary across the European Union. Although in our country every happy, but also sad life event is traditionally accompanied by alcohol, Croatia is below the European average of 19% with 17%.

In Portugal, one in five adults drinks daily, while in the north, Latvia and Lithuania, it makes up only 1%. Danes drink the most, followed by Romanians, Luxembourgers and Germans. And what this means, according to Eurostat, the consumption of 60 grams of pure ethanol, ie five standard beers, is considered excessive drinking.


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