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As of today, new epidemiological measures are in force in Croatia

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The National Civil Protection Headquarters has passed new epidemiological measures banning public gatherings and outdoor events for more than 50 people (so far 100), and those with COVID certificates and with the consent of local headquarters are limited to 200 people.


Indoors up to 100 people

Indoor gatherings of more than 25 people (so far 50) are prohibited, and those with COVID certificates are limited to 100 people. The new measures also apply to private gatherings, so the presence of 20 people is possible (so far 30). Meetings where everyone has a COVID certificate are excluded from this decision, and then the presence of 50 people is allowed. There is no change in the work of catering facilities, but controls on the number of guests will be more intensive, with checking the maintenance of a physical distance of 1.5 meters and the use of masks while sitting at a table and ventilation and cleaning. The measures also limit the number of spectators at sports competitions, so that a maximum of 20% of an individual tribune will be able to be filled indoors, and up to 40% in the open.


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