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Našice celebrates a new victory of Gromov from Krndija - RK Nexe - RK Gorenje Velenje 31:23 (14: 9)

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RK NEXE scored new important points and achieved another big victory despite many problems. They managed to retaliate against Gorenje for the defeat in the 3rd round in Velenje, but that required a real trench battle during all 60 minutes of yesterday's game.

Gromovi entered the game very well, showing the guests that it would be very difficult to score because the home defense was determined and granite from the first to the last minute. Coach Branko Tamše had to rearrange the defensive formation due to the lack of players, but all but one died on the field last night and deservedly celebrated in the end. The Slovenian team managed to level the score only twice in the first minutes and after that Gromovi did not lose the advantage.

At the end of the first half, Moreno Car got injured and defended fantastically until that fateful 26th minute. Moreno injured his knee very uncomfortably and in a painful grimace he had to leave the game at the hands of a physiotherapist and an ambulance worker to the thunderous applause of a large audience. The young Dominik Kuzmanović stepped on the door and by the end of the game he lined up 8 great defenses with the help of his teammates who played even harder in defense - for Moreno.

In the continuation of the match, in which the hosts entered with a five-goal advantage, Gorenje quickly recovered and used all the mistakes in the attack and reduced the advantage to only two goals. And yesterday they showed how fast and dangerous and above all persistent, but the Thunders, carried by the support of their fans, once again stepped up the gas and took the lead again with five goals. By the end of the game, Našice had a nine-goal advantage at one point, and they brought the match to an end with a convincing eight-goal surplus.
Halil Jaganjac once again showed that he is in fantastic shape, he played at the top level again and scored nine times in Gorenje's net. Fahrudin Melić joined him with eight, and Marin Jelinić scored five. A big and significant victory that the players and the coach decided to dedicate to their injured players who were great in the stands last night and cheered enthusiastically. They were joined tonight by Fran Mileta, whom we want to get rid of the crutch as soon as possible and start recovering. Bravo Gromovi, bravo Branch, bravo Našice audience that didn't let down yesterday either!



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