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Magnificent victory of RK NEXE!

Ivona Cosic
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The Thunder has secured a new spring in Europe, the Group Stage of the EHF European League has been won! And if someone wanted to direct a more tense and uncertain match, he certainly would not have succeeded. In the fantastic atmosphere of the Našice sports hall and with the fanatical support of the audience, a new great page in the history of Našice handball was written. We witnessed the thriller and the incredibly exciting finale and in the end the absolutely deserved victory of the handball players from Našice who left their hearts on the field. All but one tonight were heroes - both those on the field, but also those in the stands, who constantly cheered and cheered on their teammates, and the new mascot RK NEXE "Gromko" came to the rescue. In Našice we will watch top European handball again. The group draw will take place on Thursday in Vienna.


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