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Gromovi passed in the 2nd qualifying round - RK NEXE - Group Azoty Unia Tarnöw 32:28 (16:12)

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Gromovi also celebrated yesterday in the second game of the first qualifying round of the EHF European League and achieved placement in the 2nd qualifying round. After an initial balance of power and a slightly more nervous start, things quickly fell into place and the game went in the desired direction.

Although after yesterday's game Gromovi were left without two players playing in the position of midfielder (Barišić Jaman and Markušić) due to injuries, the team reacted well and managed to compensate for this shortcoming. RK Nexe played much wiser and more calmly compared to the day before yesterday's second half, and coach Branko Tamše had enough space to rotate all the players he had at his disposal.

Našice's wings Mileta (6) and Jelinić (7) were the most efficient Gromovi last night, and the standard good form was again shown by goalkeepers Radovanović (10 defenses with a defended 7-meter) and Car (8 defenses).

After a job well done, the team will have a well-deserved rest and regeneration for a few days. RK Nexe is waiting for the draw on Tuesday in Vienna when they will find out who will be their opponent in the 2nd qualifying round and they are slowly preparing for the start of the Package24 Premier HRL. On Friday, September 10, in the first round, RK Nexe will play in Bjelovar. Bravo Gromovi !!


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