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BBB Našice

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Members of the fan group "Bad Blue Boys" from Našice organized a torchlight procession on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the departure of 67 veterans from the area of Našice to defend the city of Vukovar. Torches were lit in King Tomislav Street, which leads the Našice barracks to the city center. After that, they lit candles in front of the memorial "Resurrected Croatia" accompanied by members of the Association "Vukovar Veterans" Našice, who praised their initiative.


Mural for veterans
In May this year, BBB Našice also painted a mural dedicated to exactly 67 of our veterans who went to the defense of the City of Heroes on September 27, 1991, and another hero - the commander of the defense of Vukovar, Blagi Zadri. One of the entrances to the city is thus further embellished with the sending of a strong message.


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