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You love space, simulations and you are also an Elite fan, Elite Dangerous is for you.

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Years ago, in 1984 the game world changed dramatically. Specifically, though there were many, very many games for the Commodore 64, Spectrum or later, the Amiga Elita is certainly one of those games that has rocked the entire region. Globally. Namely, a game that made pilots stay all day and maybe even more at home killing boredom by destroying ships. It took days, months, and years to reach Elite status to achieve the desired goal. More precisely, 6000 ships were to be destroyed and then the universe would be yours and you would attain Elite status.
Today, almost 35 years later, the Elite game has grown into something even stronger, crazier and more fun. It has outgrown the boundaries of everything. We can write about Elite Dangerous for days, but it's best to look at the trial and see for yourself what we say with certainty. Elite Dangerous is the best, funniest and longest running game ever, and we believe it will be for a long, long time, sir.


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