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eCredits - Cryptocurrency of the future - Introductory word

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These days, more precisely 08.11.2021. another eCredits is coming to the world of cryptocurrencies.
Although we know that today, after about 10 years of cryptocurrencies, only one shapes the fate of all cryptocurrencies. Of course we are talking about Bitcoin cryptocurrency. However, these days another one has come out that could really stir up the world of cryptocurrencies, and it is the already mentioned eCredits.
You can buy eCredits right now at and it will stay that way for a while, and we can expect it to appear on other crypto exchanges soon. The advantage of this bill of exchange is that apart from the fact that it is the only one with this cryptocurrency for now, the fee is very small when buying cryptocurrencies. For now, you can buy with ECS (eCredits) and EUR, BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC, XRP, XLM, BAT, MATIC, BCH cryptocurrencies.
All in all, we should definitely follow what is happening in the world of cryptocurrencies, because these days, with the advent of ECS (eCredits), everything could change.
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