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22nd International Oldtimer Meetings

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The weekend in Našice, but also in the surrounding area was marked by old beauties, several dozen oldtimers drove from the main town square all the way to Jankovac.

The 22nd International Oldtimer Meetings ended on Sunday, and the participants happily arrived at their homes, we learned from the president of the Oldtimer Club Našice, Franjo Hofer. The meetings were marked by the selection of the most beautiful car by Mayor Krešimir Kashuba, a 1951 MG Roadstar owned by Tibor Szaba. David Valpovac from Slatina was awarded in the category of the youngest participant, and Gašpar Sep from the island of Krk in the category of the oldest participant.

Traveled as much as 490 km to Našice

Františak Frištak from Pieštani, Slovakia, also received the award as a participant from the farthest place. He crossed the 490-kilometer road to Našice just to take part in the meetings. It was also awarded, not so desired, for Najpehista, which had the largest number of failures, and was awarded to Marijan Zelenka from Karpaty, Slovakia, for the 1936 NSU TS engine. The award for the oldest motorcycle went to Patrik Suhan from Polarikovo, Slovakia, for the motorcycle BSA S30 from 1930, and for the oldest Romano Kovač from Šale, Slovakia, for the car Prague Baby Roadstar from 1934.

Most participants from Slovakia

This year's International Oldtimer Meetings were marked by a large number of participants from Slovakia, as many as 15 with 10 attractive vehicles.


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