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Today is International Homeless Animal Day

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For the 29th year in a row in the world, August 17 is marked as the International Day of Animals that do not have and are still waiting for their warm home. The initiative to mark this day was launched in the United States and has spread to 6 continents and more than 50 countries.

Offer a home, don't buy!

In the area of our city, there is the Farmica Association, which, in addition to abandoned dogs and cats, also takes care of other animals. Their motto is "Offer a home, don't buy", and from Farmica a large number of abandoned animals have already found their home full of love, whether in Croatia or abroad.

Provide a home forever

Therefore, congratulations to all of you who HAVE HOSTED abandoned animals, given them love and a home forever, and we invite others to do the same!


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