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Croats devised an application to help people with disabilities

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People often want to help a person with a disability, because of the wrong approach they put not only the person with a disability in an awkward position, but also themselves, after which they feel bad and give up access to the person with a disability in future situations. With the aim of education, the Encounters Application was created.

Encounter application
Although it was originally introduced a year ago, the app has recently received an extension in the form of additional scripts. It was created as a result of cooperation between FER and HAKOM on the project "Accessibility of mobile applications and raising public awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities." The application is designed to raise awareness of the importance of proper access for people with different types of disabilities. It was developed in cooperation with associations whose members are people with different types of disabilities, and the application itself covers various everyday situations (eg waiting at the station, entering the elevator, crossing intersections, parking, etc.) in which the need to initiate communication often arises. 


Ask first and help
The first and basic thing that users of this application want to refer to is to ask whether they need and want a person with a disability to accept the offered help, assistance or achieve any form of communication. Most often, people who want to help go into action immediately, without even asking a person with a disability if they need help and if they want help at all.

Free and available to everyone
You can download the app from the App Store for iOS devices, while you can download the Android app version through the Play Store.

You can also launch the application via Internet browsers via the following link: Encounter application.


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